S. Korea supports Sudanese gov’t efforts for democracy after foiled coup attempt

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South Korea will continue to support the Sudanese transitional government’s efforts toward democracy, the foreign ministry said Friday, after it foiled an attempted coup earlier this week.

On Tuesday, Sudanese officials thwarted the attempted coup by those loyal to ousted President Omar al-Bashir, an indication of continuing instability in the African country, according to media reports.

“Our government notes that the civilian-led transitional government of Sudan has become able to move forward toward a democratic future by overcoming such an anti-democratic move as the coup attempt in Khartoum on Sept. 21,” Choi Young-sam, the ministry spokesman, said in a commentary

“Our government will continue to support the efforts by the transitional government to realize peace, prosperity and democracy,” he added.

Sudanese authorities have detained some 40 people for an investigation in connection with the attempted coup.