Seoul Advertises for Startups that will Participate in the Global Startup Festival “Try Everything”

Product Description:

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is recruiting entrepreneurs-to-be and startups for a global startup festival “Try Everything.” Participants will get opportunities to have a one-on-one discussion on attracting investments with 97 investment agencies (venture capital firms and startup accelerators) and around 100 intellectual property agencies (patent attorneys). Hundreds of startups can also share their know-how and insights during the event.

Business players, including global startup experts and investors, will gather for this global startup festival, slated for September 15 to 17. Starting with a global startup festival “Tech Rise,” which was held in 2019 by the City of Seoul to vitalize the startup ecosystem, “Try Everything” has been held annually since 2020 with Maekyung Media Group.

Unlike last year, to revitalize startups in all directions, this year’s festival will feature meetups, seminars and other events not only at the venue of the festival but also through Seoul. Over 40 domestic and overseas business players will participate.

In addition, as domestic and overseas venture capital firms, global corporate giants and unicorns will participate in the festival, it is expected that large-scale investments and collaborations with startups will be successfully arranged.

The SMG will implement COVID-19 protocols for the event to be held safely and flexibly operate the entire three-day schedule online and offline depending on the level of social distancing.