Beijing to accelerate digital technology innovation

Product Description:

BEIJING 鈥 Beijing, the Chinese capital, has recently issued an implementation plan to accelerate the construction of its digital economy, according to China Science Daily on Aug 17.

The plan proposes that Beijing will focus on the world’s cutting-edge technologies and future strategic requirements, and promote the deep integration of digital technology and the real economy.

To this end, Beijing will be ahead of the layout of a generation of digital technological innovation. The city will support the development of communication technologies such as new-generation information and communication networks, the integration of communication and artificial intelligence (AI), the integration of satellite and ground networking, and the security of communication networks.

Beijing will also push forward its research and development of 6G-related high-end chips, core devices, and simulation and verification platforms, according to the implementation plan.

Additionally, the city will develop a superconducting quantum computer and operating system, as well as quantum algorithms and application software. Beijing will strengthen its quantum circuit development to a leading international level.

In the fields of AI chips and deep learning, the city has pledged to become more internationally influential and technologically leading, per the plan, and it will also promote breakthroughs in large-scale blockchain, brain and brain-like information systems, central information processing, 3D biological analysis and simulation, DNA storage and computing, and human-computer intelligent interaction.