Seoul Supports 10,000+ SMEs with IP Registration and Protection

Product Description:

Since 2009, the Seoul Intellectual Property Center has been providing support to reinforce the intellectual property (IP) rights of SMEs and enhance their competitiveness.
Over the past 11 years, over 11,000 companies have received a total of 18,330 cases of support. They acquired 5,478 new IP rights, including domestic and international patents, and 1,808 cases of support for IP protection, such as support for litigation and claims for copyright infringement.

One out of three companies has obtained awards or certifications related to IP rights and achieved academic achievements. This means that securing IP rights directly led to companies鈥 competitiveness.

Starting this year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will raise public IP awareness and establish the foundation for a 鈥済lobal IP city.鈥 The SMG has plans to focus on raising Seoul citizens鈥 awareness of IP so that the public can better understand IP as well as exercise and protect their IP rights.

First, the SMG will expand its IP awareness survey, which has been conducted on SMEs based in Seoul, to cover Seoul citizens starting this year. The SMG will find customized support plans by identifying the degree of interest and competency level of Seoul citizens regarding IP.

Second, the SMG will reinforce its tailored citizen training program so that the public can gain a better understanding of IP rights that can be infringed unintentionally. Breaking away from the existing lecture-style education, the SMG plans to develop online content so that anyone can easily understand and enjoy IP-related content in an interesting way.

Third, the influence of the IP ecosystem, which has been limited to SMEs, will be expanded to the general public based on cooperation with relevant organizations, such as the Korean Intellectual Property Office, Korea Invention Promotion Association, and KAIST. Various IP-themed forums and discussions will take place to increase citizens鈥 participation.