Abundant goods,stable in the context of complicated developments of the covid-19 epidemic

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The situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in the world is still complicated, in Vietnam, the re-emergence of the Covid-19 epidemic at the end of April has significantly affected production activities and people鈥檚 lives. Faced with that situation, the Party and State have made timely instructions to ensure the realization of the 鈥渄ual goal鈥 of fighting the epidemic, while developing socio-economic, ensuring social security and people鈥檚 life. Although the Covid-19 epidemic with many new strains occurred in many localities, it was still strictly controlled. In particular, thanks to the initiative of the authorities, local authorities and supply enterprises, so there is no shortage of goods, people still keep a calm mentality in shopping because they believe in the ability to supply essential goods of the distribution system, there is no phenomenon of people rushing to buy goods and hoarding as in the previous period. In the market, the source of goods is abundant, the price is stable.

Total retail sales of consumer goods and services in April was estimated at 409.4 trillion VND, up 2.3% over the previous month and up 30.9% over the same period last year, of which: Retail sales of goods reached VND 324.2 trillion, up 1.9% and up 22.2%. In the first 4 months of 2021, the total retail sales of consumer goods and services reached VND 1,695.6 trillion, up 10% over the same period last year, if excluding the price factor, an increase of 9.03%. Entering May with the complicated development of the epidemic situation, the total retail sales of consumer goods and services in May was estimated at VND 393.6 trillion, down 3.1% from the previous month and down 1% over the same period last year, in which: Retail sales of goods reached VND 318.2 trillion, down 1.7% and up 0.5%. However, in the first 5 months of 2021, the total retail sales of consumer goods and services still reached VND 2,086.1 trillion, up 7.6% over the same period last year, if excluding the factor price increased by 6.27%. By economic activities, retail sales of goods in the first 5 months of 2021 were estimated at 1,670.3 trillion VND, accounting for 80.1% of the total and up 7.8% over the same period last year, of which, vehicles increased by 11.3%; food and foodstuff increased by 9%; the garment grew by 7.5%; cultural and educational products increased by 6.9%; household appliances, tools, and equipment increased by 2%.

The consumer price index (CPI) in May 2021 increased 0.16% over the previous month, up 1.43% compared to December 2020 and up 2.9% compared to May 2020. On average, in the first 5 months of 2021, CPI increased by 1.29% over the same period last year, the lowest increase since 2016 (The average CPI growth rate in the first 5 months of the year compared to the same period last year in 2016-2021: 1.59%; 4.47%; 3.01%; 2.74%; 4.39%; 1.29% respectively); core inflation in 5 months increased by 0.82%. In which, important and essential commodities such as food, foodstuffs, gasoline, electricity and water鈥 all have relatively stable prices, without any abnormal fluctuations. Specifically, compared to the previous month, the price of rice decreased by 0.19% (ordinary rice decreased by 0.2%; delicious rice decreased by 0.14%; sticky rice decreased by 0.28%), the decrease in domestic rice prices due to abundant supply in the southern provinces, besides the continued decline in export prices of Thailand and India, also led to a decrease in domestic prices. The price of pork decreased by 1.61% (making the general CPI decreased by 0.05 percentage points) as African swine fever is controlled, pork supplies are guaranteed (the total number of pigs in the country in May increased by 11.8% compared to the same period last year); prices of processed products from pork decreased (prices of roast meat, spring rolls decreased by 0.58%, pork fats decreased by 3.45%); prices of poultry decreased by 0.1% due to stable development of poultry herd nationwide (as of the end of May 2021, the country鈥檚 poultry flock was estimated to increase by 6.4% over the same period last year). In the opposite direction, the price of fresh seafood increased by 0.07%; price of processed seafood increased by 0.03%; chicken鈥檚 price increased by 0.09%; prices of fresh, dried and processed vegetables increased by 2.62%. Due to the influence of petrol and oil price adjustments on April 27th, 2021 and May 12nd, 2021, in which the average price of E5 gasoline increased by 440 VND/liter, price of A95 gasoline increased by 370 VND/liter and price of diesel oil increased by 450 VND/liter, causing petroleum price index to increase by 2.12%, diesel oil by 2.8%; the price of electricity and water for a living increased by 2.54% and 1.27% respectively due to increased consumption demand in hot weather.

According to the report of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, although the Covid-19 epidemic has re-emerged on a large scale in many provinces and cities across the country, with complicated developments, in general, commercial activities in localities is still going on as normal. Supermarkets, retail stores, convenience stores鈥 are still open to operate with an abundant supply of goods, ensuring essential needs for people. Supply, retail and service businesses in each locality have prepared goods ready to serve the people.

In provinces with complicated epidemics such as Bac Giang, Bac Ninh, Hai Duong, Yen Bai, Quang Nam, Ha Nam, Thai Binh鈥 the situation of goods on the market is also basically stable; the supply of goods still meets the needs of the people, the price is stable, there is no shortage of goods, price fever. In particular, in Bac Giang, although negative information about the spread of the virus in a large industrial area in Viet Yen district was broadcast, in supermarkets and trade centers, there is no shortage of goods, price fever, and there is no situation of people buying backup goods. Essential items such as rice, cooking oil, fish sauce, instant noodles, hand sanitizer, masks鈥 are always available to meet all customer needs.

In Hanoi, from May 5th, 2021, implementing Directive No. 11/CT-UBND of the Chairman of the Hanoi People鈥檚 Committee on strengthening the drastic implementation of measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in the new situation, Hanoi Department of Industry and Trade strengthens management, avoids speculation and price blowing; inspect and control goods of unknown origin, counterfeit goods, especially goods for epidemic prevention and control. The Hanoi market management force also strengthened inspection and supervision at markets and supermarkets, in order to prevent and strictly handle the situation of hoarding goods, increasing prices鈥

The Ministry of Industry and Trade said that it will continue to monitor and direct local units to implement measures to stabilize and encourage businesses to maintain stockpiles. At the same time, closely monitor the commodity market鈥檚 movements to promptly have a plan to deal with uncertainties in supply and demand. On the other hand, coordinate with large distribution enterprises to have a plan to regulate the supply of goods when necessary or support the consumption of agricultural products in the harvest season; step up the prevention of smuggling, trade fraud, counterfeit goods, imitation goods and poor quality goods, contributing to the protection of production, business and domestic consumption.