Guizhou pools efforts to boost digital development

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Southwest China’s Guizhou province has strived to build the first national big data integrated pilot zone and will continue to pool efforts to boost the development of the digital economy, especially the big data industry.

Major efforts have been made by the province to boost high-quality development led by big data, and the growth rate of the province’s digital economy has ranked first across the country for six consecutive years, said Li Bingjun, governor of Guizhou province, at a press conference in Beijing on May 20.

With the rapid growth of the province’s digital economy, data infrastructure facilities have been built, with the Gui’an New Area of the provincial capital Guiyang becoming one of the regions with the largest number of super-large data centers in the world, Li said.

The province has also strived to promote the in-depth integration of big data with the real economy, poverty alleviation, rural vitalization and governance, Li noted, adding that the country’s first provincial government data platform has been established, allowing the online handling of all government services at the provincial, municipal and county levels.

Guizhou has successfully organized six international big data expos, expanding global cooperation in the field, Li said, adding that the 7th international big data expo will be held at Guiyang from May 26 to 28.

To promote the law-based development of the big data industry, Guizhou has introduced local regulations since 2016 to regulate data acquisition, sharing, security and other basic issues, said Lu Yongzheng, head of the provincial publicity department.

He pledged more efforts to share public data and promote data flow while ensuring data security and personal privacy, welcoming enterprises from home and abroad to invest in Guizhou.

The province has also introduced a series of recruitment policies and taken measures to improve the business environment to attract investment, Li noted.

Next, the province will continue to promote digital industrialization, the digitization of industries and digital governance, Li said.