China’s renewable energy capacity up in Q1

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China saw steady growth in renewable energy capacity in the first quarter of the year (Q1), data from the National Energy Administration showed.

As of the end of March, the country’s installed capacity of renewable energy totaled 948 million kilowatts, the data showed.

Wind and solar farms saw capacity reach 287 million kilowatts and 259 million kilowatts, respectively.

The installed capacity of hydropower amounted to 371 million kilowatts, while that of biomass power hit 31.49 million kilowatts.

In the first quarter, the country generated 475.47 billion kWh of electricity from renewable energy sources.

China is forging ahead in renewable energy development amid its transition to a low-carbon economy.

The country has announced that it would strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.