U brand from product development to market support

From June 18-July 8, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will be recruiting enterprises for the 「2020 I·SEOUL·U Partners」 project for partnered branding with the Seoul brand, I·SEOUL·U.

In 2019, the city collaborated with 19 enterprises and launched more than 100 collaboration products, such as clothes, accessories, everyday goods, and stationery, at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and pop-up stores around Hongik University.

This year, recruitment will be open to not only enterprises but also university (graduate) students who are interested in collaborating with I·SEOUL·U. The steps from product planning to operation of pop-up stores will be taken together with the partner enterprises. On-site opportunities will be granted to the partners who will also be awarded the Seoul Mayor’s Award.

Enterprises and university (graduate) students hoping to apply can download and fill out the 「2020 I·SEOUL·U Partners」 application form from the official SMG website under “News,” or through the SMG web community, “Seoul in My Hand (Contests).” Applications can then be submitted via email to the secretariat of operations.

A three-session workshop will be held for selected enterprises. Through the workshop, collaborating enterprises’ brand competitiveness will be enhanced with coaching by brand experts while cooperative product development will be promoted by building a network among collaborating enterprises.

Online and offline distribution platforms will be expanded to actively support SMEs through the promotion of pop-up stores that will substantially aid SMEs experiencing difficulties due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Through this collaboration with citizen brands, cooperating enterprises will experience different business opportunities, and the Seoul brand, I·SEOUL·U, is expected to approach and get closer to citizens in their everyday lives through various platforms.


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