Seoul Discovers Startups in the Field of Public Design

Seoul is accepting ideas to find projects in which the city can cooperate with startups to solve various common societal problems from the perspective of public design. As part of the “Project for Fostering Companies Specialized in Public Design,” Seoul will select startups that have creative ideas and encourage their qualitative development by offering support in the form of business expenses and planning and operating diverse programs for strengthening their competencies.

It has been three years since the launch of the “Project for Fostering Companies Specialized in Public Design,” and the project has taken startups’ creative ideas and suggestions and put them into practice. The project aims to help startups accumulate a variety of experience during the business so that they can take the leap towards becoming a specialized company in the field of public design.

A total of seven startups will be selected through a comprehensive screening to evaluate the creativity, practicability, and effectiveness of the ideas, after which they will sign a contract with the city of Seoul to reach the completion of suggested ideas together. In this process, startups will take the leading role while also building their decision-making abilities that are necessary for the pursuit of business and an on-site, hands-on background through customized counseling with professionals, cooperation with the local community, and participation in various programs.

Eligible applicants are startups with under four years of history (less than four years starting from the date of the business registration). Every startup that employs more than one professional following the “Standards of Public Design Professionals” is eligible to apply.


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